Foreign media: Chinese rocket army or focus on strategic short-range missiles to the army

The establishment of the Army leadership, rocket army, strategic support force
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation website reported on January 1, the Chinese People's Liberation Army in the end of 2015 to promote the CPC Central Committee Chairman Xi Jinping military reform, the establishment of the Army leadership, rocket army, strategic support force. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said that after the establishment of the PLA rocket army, nuclear policy and nuclear strategy has not changed. Yang Yujun said that the Rocket Army is the core of strategic deterrence and the strategic position of the strategic support, but also an important cornerstone of safeguarding national security. China will strive to build a strong modern rocket army, while always pursuing the policy of not using nuclear weapons first. Reported that the newly renamed rocket army predecessor of China's missile force "Second Artillery Corps", referred to as "Second Artillery". This is a direct led by the Central Military Commission direct command of the strategic independent arms, the main equipment is the ground to strategic missiles, nuclear counterattack strategic operations. In the Cold War of the last century, the People's Republic of China, which was established by the Communist Party of China, was besieged by the Western countries headed by the United States. The CCP decided to develop its own strategic nuclear forces in the 1950s, and began the research and related The formation of the troops. The first ground-to-ground missile force was formed in 1959. July 1, 1966 China strategic missile forces was formally established. Allegedly in order to keep confidential, so as not to cause international concern, this force did not use the "strategic missile force" of the title, but by the then Premier Zhou Enlai named "second artillery." According to the 2013 China White Paper on the defense, the Second Artillery Corps is mainly responsible for curbing other countries on China's use of nuclear weapons, nuclear counterattack and the implementation of conventional missile precision strike and other tasks. This unit consists of nuclear missile forces, conventional missile forces, combat security forces and other components, which has a missile base, training base, professional security forces, related institutions and research institutions. The main weapon of the Second Artillery Corps is a strategic missile carrying nuclear warheads or conventional warheads, including short, medium, intercontinental ballistic missiles and long-range cruise missiles. The report said that the "ground-to-ground strategic missile force" of the Second Artillery Corps included short-range, medium-range, long-range and intercontinental missile forces, as well as engineering forces and operational safeguards, equipment technical support, logistics support forces, responsible for nuclear deterrence and strategy Nuclear counterattack force. The "conventional campaign tactical missile force" is equipped with conventional campaign tactical missile system, the implementation of conventional missile assault mission. Reported that the reform of the People's Liberation Army will be changed to the rocket army. Some analysts believe that the Rockets may embark on a more specialized road, continue to direct leadership by the Central Military Commission, but focus on strategic combat. As for the original tactical strike, it may be scattered to the army, to strengthen the army army short-range missile strike force. The Rockets are responsible for the long-range strategic nuclear threat. Reported that some analysts believe that China's newly established rocket army, may be similar to the Soviet Union in 1960 to set up a strategic rocket forces. The main equipment of the Soviet strategic rocket army, including intercontinental and medium-range missiles, is the main force against the United States during the Cold War. According to the information, the current Russian strategic rocket army is equipped with about 800 missiles and more than 3,000 nuclear warheads.

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