Ministry of Environmental Protection: monitoring shows that the DPRK nuclear test has not yet affected China's environment

The Ministry of North Korea for the fourth nuclear test to start radiation emergency monitoring
Ministry of Environmental Protection official website on January 6 informed the Ministry of North Korea for the fourth nuclear test to start radiation emergency monitoring. According to the China Earthquake Network, the nuclear test caused a 4.9 earthquake, the specific location in the north latitude 41.30, the North Korean nuclear power test site, Degree, longitude 129.10 degrees, from the nearest border of our country less than 100 km. Ministry of Environmental Protection in the news, the first time to start the response to the DPRK nuclear test radiation emergency plan, at 10:30 into the secondary (orange) emergency response state, the use of automatic monitoring stations and field sampling analysis channels, The surrounding area radiation environment emergency monitoring, artificial radioactive nuclide sampling analysis and technical research work. Beijing time around 9:45 am (the following are Beijing time) China earthquake network network newsletter, the determination of 9:30 or so in North Korea 4.9 earthquake occurred, the location of latitude 41.3 degrees, longitude 129.1 degrees, the focal depth of 0 km. As of January 6 at 13:00, the border area 25 automatic monitoring stations real-time air dose rate monitoring data between 65-95 nanometer per hour, the monitoring results are in the local background. From the monitoring results, North Korea this nuclear test has not yet affected China's environment and the public. Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the follow-up will be carried out in the border area radiation emergency monitoring, timely collection, analysis, submitted to the border areas of radiation environment monitoring data, aerosol, iodine and other samples of sampling and measurement, dry and wet sediment, Soil, water and other samples of the sample monitoring, and timely monitoring of radiation environmental monitoring data and information disclosure. In order to effectively alleviate the public concern, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will promptly monitor the data to the public, the data will be published on the official website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, every 6 hours will be a data update.

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